MRMS 20-21 CMAS Schedule


We are excited to have the students coming back to us full time after Spring Break!  However, CMAS testing will be on a cohort A or B schedule. There are two key reasons for this.  
1.  Social distancing of 6 feet is the expectation for testing per the Colorado Department of Education.  By limiting testing of students to cohorts we can best facilitate student safety to maximize opportunities for social distancing. 
2.  Given the ongoing and continuing need to support remote learning in the event of student quarantine, we no longer have enough chromebooks available in-building to test all kids. 
During testing, students should report to school on their in-person days at their regular start time and enter through their pod doors as they do normally.  
Cohort A = Monday & Wednesday.  
Cohort B = Tuesday & Thursday. 

In-person days will be devoted to assessment.  See schedules linked below for details.
Remote days, students will be at home completing asynchronous independent learning.  The reason for this is all teachers will be supporting testing in-building.  
Cohort ELA & Math. (2 days of testing, 3 tests per day ):
Cohort A. Monday 3/29 and Wednesday 3/31 (7th and 8th grade)
Cohort B:  Tuesday 3/30, and Thursday 4/1 (7th and 8th grade)
Science (1 day of testing, 3 tests that day) 
Cohort A. Monday 4/12  (8th grade only)
Cohort B:  Tuesday 4/13 (8th grade only) 
Extended Time ELA & Math (3 days of testing, 2 tests per day):
*** Only for students who have the extended time accommodation***
These students will test with their learning specialist regardless of cohort Monday 3/29, Tuesday 3/30, and Wednesday 3/31.  Cohort A or B will not apply to them as they have a 3 day testing schedule.  
Contact your child's learning specialist if you have any questions regarding if your child will be testing on the extended time schedule.