From year to year there are always opportunities for new clubs. Student initiated clubs require a minimum of 10 students and an adult in the building to sponsor the club. All fees and paperwork are required to be completed online.

Please pay for all activities online through MySchoolBucks.

We do not accept payment in the building.


Advanced Choir is looking for the best singers at MRMS who want to challenge their singing ability with more difficult and advanced music. There is often choreography and there will be field trip opportunities. These students are the leaders in the choral music program and this is the top choir at MRMS. Advanced Choir rehearses on Wednesday mornings at 6:45 before school. You do not have to be in class choir to be in this club, but an audition is required for this choir. It is a weekly commitment so please audition only if you can be at every rehearsal, every week. Auditions are on Wednesday, during the first full week of each semester.

Teacher Sponsor - Ms. Wren

Boys Volleyball Club

We are so excited to have a Men's Volleyball Club at MRMS! CHSAA has added Men's Volleyball as a high school

sport so as a middle school we think this is the perfect time to learn the fundamentals and game structure of volleyball. We will meet every Monday at 6:45am starting September 9th. Please meet at the outside gymdoor entrance and come prepared with athletic clothes/shoes and bring knee pads if you have them. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to either one of us, our emails are

Teacher Sponsor - Ms. Jesse Davis and Ms. Morgan Stone &

Brain Bowl

Brain bowl club will meet on Thursdays after school at 2:45-3:45 starting Thursday, October 18 and end after the competition date which will be sometime in late January or early Feb. 2019. For more information about the Optimist Brain Bowl, see During this club time, we'll practice using the buzzers and answering questions that follow a similar pattern to those asked in the competition. This is a club for advanced, competitive thinkers.

Teacher Sponsors - Mrs. Graham-Herring and Ms. Morgan

MRMS Speech & Debate Club

Students will learn about the types of public speaking offered in the National Speech and Debate Association. This includes performance events such as Drama, Prose and Poetry, but also debate events, such as Public Forum. Depending on interest in the area, we may also explore the structure and how-to of parliamentary debate and how to use logic, evidence and their own verbal skills to win debates.

We will co-ordinate with area middle schools to participate in at least two tournaments in the 2019-2020 school year.

Speech and Debate will start soon, more info to come!

Teacher Sponsors - Ms. Sprigg, Mrs. Brickman, Mrs. Smith

Diversity Club

Diversity Club is for students who want to speak up to promote equality and kindness in our community. We stand for speaking in favor of tolerance, diversity, body positivity and compassion, and speaking against bullying, racism, homophobia, sexism, religious discrimination, ableism, and intolerance. We believe that standing up for each other and our principles, we make Mountain Ridge Middle School a better place.

Teacher Sponsor - Mrs. Norton

Spring Musical - Please see Mr. Eatherton's website

MRMS Headstrong Theatre

Teacher Sponsor - Mr. Eatherton & Ms. Wren


Are you a self-described Geek or Nerd? Do you love Minecraft? Are you a Dungeon Master? Do you LARP? Is Chess your game? Do you have a powerful collection of Pokemon or Magic cards? Do you want a place to hang out after school a couple of days a week with like-minded Geeks and Nerds? Then Gamma Nu is the place for you!

Teacher Sponsor - Ms. Schelt


Whether you have a green thumb, or a brown thumb, Garden Club is a great place to spend time outdoors nurturing our school garden. We meet every Thursday after school until 4:30. Come learn about how to care for a variety of plants and vegetables with us! Please email or visit Mr. Davis in 7 Blue with any questions.

Teacher Sponsor - Mr. Davis

Geography Bee

MRMS students have the opportunity to participate in National Geographic's "Geography Bee." The Bee is scheduled to be held after school on Wednesday, January 18th. Students interested in participating are encouraged to begin studying a.s.a.p. A great resource for the competition can be found at Beginning in quarter one and continuing until the competition, monthly practice sessions will be offered at MRMS (specific dates and times to be announced). For more information, feel free to contact Mr. Klinkerman at

Teacher Sponsor - Mr. Klinkerman


The Interact club is a service club for youth. Interact's global youth network is dedicated to community and international service. As a group, we will meet at least twice a month beyond the volunteer service we provide. Get involved while helping others!

  • Who? All 7th and 8th Graders
  • When? Select Wednesdays at 7:00am before service projects
  • Listen to announcements for specific dates!*
  • Where? 7 Yellow Pod
  • Why? Because you want to make the world a better place!

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the club or joining! Please complete the club paperwork and turn the completed paperwork into the front office. *There is no fee to participate in Interact Club!


Teacher Sponsors - Mrs. Beckett, Mrs. Hepworth, Mrs. LaTourette


This club is for any instrumentalist in the school, including band and orchestra students, who wish to play in a traditional big band setting. We will study blues, latin, straight ahead, rock and swing. We meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:50am to 7:25am and Friday we work on soloing and listen to legendary performances by the jazz greats. All instrumentalists including teachers are welcome to join but auditions are required for anyone wishing to play in the rhythm section. Click here to visit the website.

Teacher Sponsor - Mr. Jeremy Estell


Men's Choir is a club for any boy who attend MRMS who is looking to strengthen their singing skills and have the opportunity to work with their changing voice. Mr. Reeves tries to choose music that is challenging and fun and cool just for guys. We meet in the Choir room on Thursdays from 6:45-7:25 am. New members are always welcome. If you are interested, come check it out! This club starts Thursday, during the second full week of the semester.

Teacher Sponsor - Ms. Wren

MOUNTAIN BIKING CLUB Riding dates & trail map info

Our 13th year! Ride fast, climb easily, and enjoy the trails while riding the Backcountry trails and East/West Trails around Mountain Ridge Middle School with our Mountain Bike Club. If you like to mountain bike or be outdoors this is a great chance to do both at once! Be part of the bike club this August, September, and October to improve your riding skills and enjoy the great outdoors. You will improve your bike handling skills, fitness level, and bike maintenance skills while. The Mountain Bike Club is open to any student with a current physical on file with MRMS (or parent or teacher). Monday-Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced, even if it is only one day a week. Begins 8/12/2018 with the first day being focused on bike safety and maintenance.

This year will offer an opportunity to be a part of community bike charity event in September, date to be determined, with a focus on mental health. This is purely optional.

Teacher sponsors: Mr. DiPasquale & Ms. Poland


NJHS is a worldwide organization dedicated to honoring high academic achievers, developing democratic values in people, and helping others. . It is a great organization to belong to and we hope you are willing to join and participate. Please click on the link below for more information.

Teacher Sponsors - Mrs. Cancino



Like to run? Love the feeling of being in-shape, and ready to tackle miles of trails and hills on a sunny afternoon (or a windy, hurricane-like day)? If so, this is the club for you! Running Club meets a few times each week to run, develop flexibility and core strength, and form lasting friendships. We usually run approximately 3-5 miles two times a week (From 2:45-4 pm) and in five races across the Front Range. Running club is open to any student (or teacher,...or parent...) with a current physical on file in the MRMS office. Begins the week of 9/16. If you are involved in another activity, we may be able to make that work! Our first race is September 20th!

Sign up details will appear in September. Click here for the Club Calendar. NOTE: there will be extra fees for races.

Teacher Sponsors - Ms. Sprafke and Mr. Estell


Spelling Bee Club is for those who are interested in participating in the school and district spelling bees in the spring. We will meet once a month to practice words, go over lists, and discuss strategies to make you a better speller. Come see what it's all about in room 242!

Teacher Sponsor

What is Thespians/Drama Council?

Thespian Society aims to promote collaboration, creativity, and philanthropy within Mountain Ridge Middle School. Students will meet monthly to plan events surrounding theatre, including community outreach events, spirit days, fundraisers, and student events (beginning and end of year picnics). Students will be led by a Drama Council, chosen by Mr. Eatherton through an interview process.

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the student honorary division of Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) recognizing excellence in middle and high school theatre. Membership into ITS is earned by participating in theatrical productions and activities and accumulating points towards membership. This organization has been honoring excellence in the work of theatre students since 1929. Students active in Society will have the ability to be apart of Drama Council Leadership.

FALL PLAY - Please see Mr. Eatherton's Website

MRMS Headstrong Theatre

Teacher Sponsor - Mr. Eatherton


Women's Choir meets on Tuesday mornings in the choir room and is for all ladies at MRMS. You do not need any skill or prior experience, nor do you have to be in class choir to come sing with us. Women's choir focuses on fun and energetic music that often goes well with dancing and choreography. You may join at any time. Rehearsals are on Tuesday mornings before school at 6:45. This club starts Tuesdays, during the second full week of the semester.

Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Wren


In WAC, we work to solve global problems. Did you know that more than 7 billion of people inhabit the planet Earth? Some are at-risk and struggle to meet their own basic needs while others live in excess, beyond Earth's carrying capacity. In such a scenario, how can we work together to best use Earth's resources, creating a way to sustain Earth for future generations? WAC challenges students to learn, discover, understand, imagine, ideate and demonstrate lasting solutions that work socially, ecologically, economically and politically; a smart, positive approach to development for tomorrow. Teams of students from MRMS will compete with other Middle School students from around Colorado at Regis Unversity in April presenting their best ideas for enhancing the lives of the more than 2 billion at-risk people by developing smart solutions for integrating the basic needs of life - water, agriculture, energy, sanitation, health and education. Join us! The more brains in the game, the better the ideas and solution.

Teacher Sponsor: TBD