7th & 8th Grade Coed Flag Football

Flag Football at Mountain Ridge is an opportunity for students to grow athletically, emotionally, and mentally. We recognize that students come to us with different abilities and skill sets, and our goal as coaches is to maximize this individual skill set to benefit the team.  For 2020, there will be an 8th grade A,B, and C team as well as a 7th grade A,B, and C team.   The first four days or practice are crucial because that is when we will be evaluating players for A,B, or C team. Since football is a team sport, it thrives on continuity.  We encourage each player to attend as many practices as possible; however we also respect that students have other activities and may have transportation difficulties when they are remote learning.   Flag Football is not just for boys, and we welcome girls. Girls are not automatically placed on C team either. In the past, some of our best A team pass rushers were girls because of their quickness, flexibility, and athleticism. We will do our best to  find your student's strengths to help the team.

Our goal is for your student to learn a new skill set, foster positive relationships with coaches and peers, and to create a feeling that they are valued and important. We hope to see you!


Coach Neil Reese

Coach Steve Lopez

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